The Boys and their Fence

Following an accident in April 06 involving one of our cats, we decided to erect fencing around the garden and install a fencing system from Secur-a-Cat in the UK (01553 776417).  Most of the hard work went into putting up the new fencing from The Fencing Centre, with the easier (but time consuming) job of installing the cat fencing coming once everything else was finished.

The fencing system consists of aluminium struts that project into the garden at an angle of about 40 degrees.  Polypropylene 3mm rope is then fitted to the struts and the top of the wooden fence and the flexible mesh is fitted to the ropes.  The idea is that as long as the cat cannot jump over the fence, they will be unwilling to climb it as it is not stable enough to give them sufficent confidence to use it as a means of escape.

All potential escape routes must be blocked and the fencing must surround the entire area to be protected.

Sample pictures of the finished fence follow :

Lower area of the garden showing shed and BBQ area

Detail shot of corner area to increase coverage of overhang

More detail of corners and the gate - codelocked to prevent escape !

The Secur-a-Cat fencing is virtually invisible even when raised above normal height where jumping points may be found

Even though they can't roam as far, the boys are much happier now they can go back outside in safety (and so are we)

It is important to keep an eye on trees and stong shrubs that may during the course of the season grow sufficently to allow escapes from routes that were previously safe.  Hedley (the brown burmese) recently escaped by climbing a tree that was close enough to the top of the fence to allow him to hop over - needless to say that tree is a lot shorter now !

If you have any queries, or would like to have a look at the fencing "in situ" and live in Jersey, please use the contact page to get in touch